New Student Representative for NAHJ


Jacqueline Guzman is the new NAHJ Student Representative.


With only one goal in mind and the support of her friends and mentors behind her, Jacqueline Guzman is now the new Student Representative for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. As former President of CSUN’s own CCNMA/NAHJ club, Jackie has always been an advocate of taking advantage of the opportunities that organizations like NAHJ offer to young aspiring journalists; opportunities such as scholarships, internships, fellowships and much more. She has had the honor of being the recipient of countless scholarships such as the Maria Elena Salinas Scholarship, Geraldo Rivera Scholarship, and Ruben Salazar Scholarship. Jackie also participated in an internship at our nation’s capitol writing for the prestigious syndicated column, Hispanic News Link. Jackie is truly an inspiration to all CSUN alumni and one thing is for sure, her success will not end here. As she wrote in her own statement, Jackie is “a proud Ñ journalist” and on behalf of everyone in the club, we are all proud of her accomplishments and commitment with our club. Keep up the good work Jackie and remember ademas de ser Latina, tambien eres de CSUN.

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