Scripps Howard News Service Semester In Washington Internship

The application deadline for the spring and summer 2011 Scripps Howard Foundation Semester in Washington Program internships is Nov. 1.  Our program is one of the few in Washington that not only pays a stipend but also provides free housing in furnished apartments. Interns report for our Web-based wire and can report for campus or hometown newspapers or other news organizations. Interns work with an experienced Washington editor to choose, report and edit stories. They tour Washington journalism and government institutions and meet with guest speakers. Our program is housed by the Scripps Howard News Service in downtown Washington . Interns live in one of two furnished apartments near the National Zoo in Northwest Washington . The stipend covers food, transportation and other essentials. It is $2,520 for the 14-week spring and fall programs, $1,800 for the 10-week summer program and $720 for the short course (open only to Hampton University and Florida International University students). Interns must be undergraduates – juniors or seniors – in the semester they are in Washington . Students who have just graduated may apply for the short course. Students with multimedia skills will be given preference over those without those skills. Questions: Contact Scripps Howard Semester in Washington internship director Jody Beck at:

For more details, visit our Web site: Click on “how to apply,”  and download the application form.

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