CCNMA September 30th Meeting

Last Thursday’s meeting we had the opportunity to skype with the director of the New York Times institute, Don Hecker. The NYT institute is a two week long internship type programthat will give NAHJ member’s a chance to acquire real experience in the month of January. Hecker made sure to stress certain points:
-If selected for the program, EVERYTHING is paid for. “If you’ve got the talent, we’ve got the money for this,” Hecker said.
-The application process requires to submit SIX clips (no more than). You are not limited to one specific media. If an applicant has both multimedia clips, as well as print clips, Hecker encourages to submit both. However, with the exception of photojournalist applicants, all the clips must have been published at some point. THE CLIPS DO NOT HAVE TO BE SUBMITTED IN A SPECIFIC FORMAT. Web printouts, xerox’ed copies, originals, word documents are all accepted.
-Photo journalist are encouraged to submit hard copies of their photos. If images have been published, Hecker said the picture quality is better in the originals, but copies of published work are accepted.
-If an applicant has published work in a different language, they are encouraged to translate the material and submit their work as part of the six clips. This applies to both video, multimedia and print work.
-Also, the application process requires a letter of recommendation from a leading editorial supervisor or professor. As well as a 500 word maximum essay. PLEASE CHECK FOR GRAMMAR MISTAKES BEFORE SUBMITTING WORK. Hecker said that the panel of judges are looking for a “compelling” story, be creative people!
For more information about the program check out the website –
Good Luck

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