October 14th Meeting

Hello CCNMA/NAHJ Members, here is an update of what is currently going on

Great Success on Wednesday’s roundtable event with the Latina Reporters. Thank you to everyone who made it to the event!

Preparing another discussion panel on November 10, 2010

  • Were are planning another panel discussion that will focus on how the media portrays undocumented students. We will have a CHIRLA speaker as well as other special guests. The panel will include an opportunity for guests and students to critique. We will begin to advertise the event two weeks prior to the event. We’re hopping more people will attend so it is important members begin to spread the word. Alejandra will be shooting video on the day of the event.

Resumés Portfolios, and cover letters

  • Professor Retis is willing to look at resumes and cover letters to advise you on what to change.
  • Do not restate what is on your resume in your cover letter.
  • Make it interesting; personalize it.
  • www.wix.com is one of the websites recommended to create a layout for your portfolio.
  • All your work can be condensed into a portfolio you can begin to work on.
  • Always remember you are trying to convince the person that is reading your letter.

Elections for next semester:

  • We are getting ready to elect board members for the Spring 2011 semester.
  • A description of each position will be posted up shortly on the blog.
  • If you are interested in a position for next semester please let us know.
  • Elections will be held in December.


  • We are finalizing the last couple of steps to become recognized as the official CSUN chapter for CCNMA. Angela is will be contacting the people.


  • We have finalized the design and took note of the size of the shirts for each member. If you would like a shirt, please text or email Angela your size. The shirts will be around $10 (maybe less) and we will pay out of our own pockets.

PR and Business Cards

  • Cynthia presented the idea of having booklets with NAHJ/CCNMA information about membership, what the organization is about and current contacts.
  • We will look into it further.
  • Martha and Angela will be covering the description.

Upcoming possible Fundraiser

  • Angela discussed the idea to have a fundraiser at a yogurt place called Menchie’s Yogurt. The fundraiser would last a whole week.
  • Date TBA

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