CSUN Latino Journalists go to Orlando!

Sixteen of our CSUN Latino Journalists traveled to the East Coast to attend the 29 Annual National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) Multimedia and Career Expo in DisneyWorld Orlando. The convention offered workshops from various journalists and professionals around the country ranging in topics such as Spanish media, technology, social media, improvement in reporting skills and much more. By night, DisneyWorld, ESPN, ABC and countless of other companies/organizations hosted networking parties for the attendees to indulge after panels and workshops during the day.

For many of our members it was the first time they attended a NAHJ convention, let a alone one in the other side of the country. A major difference was the humid and hot weather from Florida that was present as soon as we stepped out of the Orlando International Airport. However, many said the trip was worth the weather endurance and cost for the skills they gained, the people they met and the full on experience. One of the perks from having the convention was the two free “2 park hopper” tickets DisneyWorld supplied to the journos that made the trip to Orlando.

Check out these photos from the various events held in Orlando. We hope you join us next time at UNITY 2012 in Las Vegas.

The group at the Gala and Gran Baile.
Cynthia, Belinda, Jonathan, Ale y Laura.
Some of the members with Profe Retis and two friends from University of Texas-El Paso at the Disney Boardwalk.

At the Newsmaker Luncheon.
The entertainment was good! Tito Fuentes performed an amazing set of Salsa music.
Where it all took place. We were far away from beautiful California

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