10-26-11 CSUN_LJ Minutes

NOTE: TBA= To be announced

  • Miami Herald- Oct. 31
  • Pulliam Journalism Fellowship Nov. 1 (3 letters of recommendations)
  • Star-Ledger New Jersey. Summer 2012 Internship
  • Washington Post Nov. 1 (2 letters of recommendations)
  • Boston Globe Nov. 1 (1 letter of recommendation optional)

Broadcast Journalism Reel pointers  (by Danielle Benavides)

  • Reel is a clip presenting a broadcast journalist.
  • Watch your timing: 3-6 min. First 8 secs are CRUCIAL!
  • Appearance- clean & consistent on your reel.
  • Watch for your Tone/Voice.
  • Don’t bother with CDs.

Sneak Peek @ Resume workshop

  • Focus
  • Check your layout.
  • Make sure you have white space.
  • Accommodate to the news outlet

El Nuevo Sol

  • Brain Storming.
  • Diana and Charlie will work on the story of Obama and Education: Trying to reduce student loans.


  • Next meeting we will meet via SKYPE with a Multimedia producer from Univision.
  • Next Wednesday we will have our Resume Workshop @ 3pm Nov. 16. (Place TBA).
  • Sabela will be presenting the proper way to use statistics on print and broadcast projects.
  • Dec. 7 Social Meeting Panel.
  • Next event to do volunteer work hours on Dec. (day TBA)
  • Contact Paula for P.R. internships.
  • Nov. 18 Univision Tour. 9am – 12pm.
  • Ipod raffle. $5 each ticket. Each member must sell 10 tickets.

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