CSUN LJ’s pre-holiday bash 2011

Sabella Marie, 2015, opened the doors to her home so we could bond and have a pre-holiday time with everyone. This was our first official social hosted by our secretary Marisol Gonzalez, 2012. The LJs wore their best attire as a black and white theme set the tone to the party. Delicious meals were catered by the members. Thanks to everyone who brought food. We definitely had a pre-holidy feast. The party was a success!

THE LJ LADIES. From the left: Belinda, Chriss, Marisol, Yesica, Sabella, Diana and Karla.

THE AMIGOS. (From left): Francisco, Charlie, Brian and Daniel.

Karla showing off her billiard’s skills.

Charlie and Brian smiling for the camera.

With total Matador spirit: red and black with a fighting edge.

Doesn’t that look good? Yumm… Brought to you by Diana (well Porto’s).

Photo is a bit blurry but what a great photo of the LJs!

Guys can be cheerleaders too at times . . .

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