Minutes: March 07, 2012

Upcoming Social Events:

March 12, 2012: Margarita Monday Mixer @ 7pm @ Acapulco. Bring I.D. 21 and over.

(Fanny will coordinate this event)

-Invite Luis from NAHJ and Julio from CCNMA

-Brainstorm for end of the year social

-Mun2: Monday, March 12 (Contact Paula)

-UNITY: Please give $35 deposit by March 28 to Sabela & Yesica

(Make sure to register for NAHJ and CCNMA first)


-Sabela will submit the blog for this week

-Minutes will be added.

Internships & Scholarships:

-Tuesday March 13, 2012 Scholarship Workshop @ 11:30am Place: MZ 212

Apply for scholarships. Look for fliers!

-March 12: EOP Scholarships essay. Take advantage!

***Internships and scholarships will ONLY be sent to active members who attend club meetings and activities***

Tour Ideas:

Univision Tour (Paula & Yesica)

CNN en Espanol Tour (Paula & Diana)

LA Weekly (Brian & Jesus)


-Bake Sale: Please Donate bake goods (cookies, cupcakes, etc)

-Will be held Wednesday March 21. Set up will begin @ 10am.

*Noe & Brian will set up @ 10 am.

*Naomi, Sabela, & Diana will take over @ 11am

*Jesus and Daniel will clean up @ 2pm

-Ruby: Cake Pops

-Yesica: Cookies

-Sabela: Bake vegan goods

-Fanny: Cupcakes (approx. 20) & Capri-Sun

– Brian: will take care of money

-Diana & Yesica: Posters

Social Media Panel:

Scheduled for March 28 Time: 7 pm Place: TBA

-Brian will be in charge of fliers.

-Fliers will be distributed in Journalism classes.

-Ask Brenda for campus promotion –Noe: for Sundial

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