Minutes: March 14, 2012

Social Media Panel: March 28, 2012

Location: TBA Time: 6:30-8pm.

HPRA will be coming to present.

Everyone should help promote this event. Let‘s try to make this big. (:

Brian- Finalize location, coordinate live streaming and sound logistics, send fliers to club members.

Jesus- will be the photographer and will post pictures in the blog.

Diana, Sabela & Yesica- will coordinate the drinks and light appetizers for panelists.

Fanny-Bring cups, napkins, plates

Daniel- Create name tags and parking passes for panelists

Noe- Setting up location with banners

Ruby-Send invitations to CCNMA

Julia & Joanna- Broadcast segment

Please send updates by Monday.

Twitter tag: #Latino journalists  :]

Facebook: tag CSUNLJ  :]

Future Volunteer Event!

Week of April 16

This event will be with HPRA & NAHJ

This is a networking event.

Be ready with business cards. (:

Please Volunteer! This will help get funds for UNITY=]

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