Mun2 Visits CSUN Matadors!

Our CSUN LJ Secretary Diana Velazquez and Treasurer Yesica Lopez posing with a Mun2 hostess.

Written By: Diana Velazquez

Photography By: Jesus Araujo

Television network mun2 brought “18 & Over” show filming to the California State University Northridge campus. “18 & Over” is a music show that counts down the hottest 18 videos of the week. CSUN was the place to promote “18 & Over” for the diversity of different cultures. Latinos being a big group on campus was a great way for Mun2 to connect with them. And so CSUN LJ was part of the team that helped Mun2 get acquainted with the campus. Diana Velasquez, secretary, and Yesica Lopez, treasurer, led the efforts to make Mun2 feel at home. Students were encouraged to take part in dance- offs, fitness challenges, pie eating contests, and music trivia challenges with the chance to win big cash prizes. Prizes included four $25 iTunes gift cards, $250 pre-paid Visa cards, sunglasses, and “18 & Over” t-shirts. Since Mun2 recently relocated to California, their goal is to visit university campuses to promote programming. Filming of the show will air Saturday March 17 at 12pm.

A Mun2 hostess was animating her competitors while they were doing a push-up competition
Hosts of Mun2 animating the crowd to participate in the competitions they had prepared for the day.

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