CSUN Latino Journalists’ Bake Sale Fundraiser for Unity 2012

Written By: Julia Cooke

CSUN Latino Journalists hosted a fundraiser today through a bake sale that took place outside Manzanita Hall. Club members worked together to raise money for Unity 2012, a networking conference that will take place in Las Vegas. The baked goods that were sold ranged from chocolate chip cookies, to gluten-free cookies, to cupcakes, and even cake pops. Faculty and students stopped by to pick up a delicious dessert on the go as they walked by the table when going to class.  The bake sale was successful as there were little to no leftovers. They are planning another bake sale as this one proved to be a success. CSUN Latino Journalists are a step closer to reaching their goal! Great job! Unity 2012 here we come!

The bake sale today. From left to right: Naomi Ogaldez, Diana Velazquez, and Brian De Los Santos

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