SPJLA Conference Recap

Naomi and Yesica at the networking dinner on friday night

Written by Yesica Lopez and Naomi Ogaldez

SPJ’s conference was held this past Friday and Saturday where professional journalist from print, broadcast, and online came together. Various states were represented at the conference: California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada.

It was a great experience getting to meet, network, and learn from different professionals in the field.

Dealing with trauma from the job, networking, and ethics, were some of the topics that were discussed in the conference.

On Saturday, Bob Butler, reporter in San Francisco at KCBS talked about the Do’s and Don’ts on getting a job in the journalism field. He emphasized how important it is to start networking with professionals in the field before graduating because having a journalism degree doesn’t mean you will have a job guaranteed.

Networking is key in being able to get into the doors of your dream job.

“Who you know can get you in the door. What you know will keep you there.” -Bob Butler

Also, you should try your best to learn multiple job skills such as editing, filming, photography, writing, and reporting to be able to stand out from the rest of the applicants for the job. Researching the company you wish to work for is a good start to getting to know whom the people in charge are and who you will need to contact for the job.

Yesica and Naomi with Bob Butler, Reporter at KCBS in San Francisco

In addition, he talked about how internships are an important step in networking and gaining experience. While your interning, try to meet as much people as possible and learn from them. He recommended staying in contact with the people you meet in the field. Have a mutual relationship; don’t only be asking for help and advice all the time.

These are just some pieces of advice that we learned at the conference. We hope to tell the members about our experience and tips we learned when we come back from spring break so they can also apply them as well.






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