National Eating Disorder Week At CSUN

Written By: Sabella Scalise

Photography By: Sabella Scalise

Models: Nicole Hite, Yesica Lopez, and Naomi Ogaldez

California State University Northridge’s campus made students aware of national eating disorder week by coordinated daily events, and activities that students were able to take part in. These events helped them become aware of eating disorders, women in the media and how it affects women today. I was lucky enough to sit down at one of the events advertised around campus, which showed the movie “Miss Representation.”

The movie informed the viewers of how women are portrayed in the media and how it has affected women at home, in the real world, and their jobs. It also stated how people learn from television more than any type of media. Television has made women the protagonists eluding sex appeal, which has caused them to not give off a good reputation, it has limited and degraded the worth of women.

Women in power have been degraded because they have been seen as “Toxic” or “negative”. The beautiful women in magazines, with the flawless bodies and perfect makeup have created the image women want to be part of. Women spent around 12,000 to 15,000 dollars in their lifetime on beauty products. A women in the movie said “Women are reaching for an unobtainable ideal of beauty.”

In the statistics given in the documentary stated that 65% of women have eating disorders, 17% inflicting self mutilation, 53% of girls are unhappy with the way they look at age 13 and 78% are unhappy with the way they look by the age of 17. The media is giving girls an image of what they think society wants them to look like, even people of average weight have a problem with the way they look.

The pictures I have taken is my way of giving a positive message to all the women out there showing them that they don’t have to be perfect. I had my friends hold messages and quotes that I hope will be inspirational and put a smile on a girls face. Watching the movie “Miss Representation” inspired me to be more active because now I am informed of women in the media and how negatively it has affected girls and women of all ages.

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