Minutes from April 11, 2012 Meeting

CSUN Latino Journalists

Bake Sale April 17th

–       10am to 2pm

Elections April 25th

–       Chair

–       Vice president

–       Treasurer

–       Secretary

–       External chair

–       Internal chair

–       Activities

–       Blog editor

–       Social media

Anyone can run and must give a small presentation to the club.

Anyone can be nominated.


–       Elected president organizes dinner at the end of the year

–       To be held the weekend before finals

iPad Raffle

–       New deadline: May 2

–       $50 = 10 tickets/$5

–       Diana, Julia, Brian, Paula, Jorge, Marisol, Daniel (already sold tickets)


–       Raul Delgado, Virginia Bulacio, Julia Cooke, Gladys Barajas, Mey Lyn, Wendy Aguilar, Naomi Ogaldez, Yesica Lopez, Chris Ramos, Sabela Scalise, Sigourney Nuñez, Joanna Jacobo

–       All others who haven’t given Joanna the $8 must give their money to Sabela by next week!

–       Shirts will be ordered by the end of this week.


–       Networking: April 18th (During meeting)

–       Online writing: April 2nd

Resume Review

–       April 25th

Bowling night

–       TBA


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