Through the images of a photographer: Julian Cardona and the Mexican drug war

by Brian De Los Santos

Julian Cardona describes his images of the violence in Mexico. Cardona has documented the reality for Mexicans living in danger.

Mexican photojournalist Julián Cardona presented images from his new book Exodo/Exodus, which depicts the drug on wars in Mexico, the mass murders in Juarez and the Latino community in the U.S.

Cardona documented the life of Mexicans and Latinos and the violence they face when crossing the border or by simply owning a business and being charged tax by drug cartels.

He is currently a Reuters correspondent from Ciudad Juarez and freelances for other publications.

To read more about Cardona and then event at CSUN visit the El Nuevo Sol story, written by Virginia Isaad, CSUN Latino Journalists member.

Link to Flickr set.

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