Its Almost Time for the UNITY Convention

Written By: Chriss Ramos

UNITY. This August a group of CSUN Latino Journalists will venture on a long car ride to arrive to opportunity and new experiences.

UNITY is “A Historic gathering of Journalist of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender journalist, media professionals, news room recruiters, journalism students…”

Our goal as students is to encourage all our members to take part in UNITY, which is sure to enrich us as students, future leaders, and future journalists. Part of our encouragement is providing opportunity for fundraising, to reduce cost and give Segway for an increase in participation.

Our UNITY fundraiser is an IPAD raffle, which will be raffled at our 2011-12 banquet.

UNITY will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada this year on August 1st through the 4th.
As future journalist we look forward to the variety of workshops that will be presented such as: “Retool your career with a fellowship” where we will have the opportunity to hear from fellows journalism journey and will guide us on how to apply for future jobs. “Navigating conflicts of interest” is another workshop we look forward to, as ETHICS is key in journalism.

As Undergraduate and Graduate students attending UNITY we hope to engage with a variety of professionals in a variety of fields such as print, broadcast, online, and public relations. To connect with such diverse groups is a unique experience all our attending members are sure to grow from as journalism students.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for UNITY convention!

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