More than LA Riots

Taehyun Kim CSUN journalism professor, Jin Ho Lee of Radio Korea, Karen Slade of KJLH radio and Ruben Tapia of Radio Bilingue express their sentiments on the LA Riots that took place 20 years ago.

Written and Photograph by: Joanna Jacobo

More than LA Riots, could have been the more appropriate title for the event that took place in the Valley Performing Arts Center at CSUN this Wednesday.The panel, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the tragic incident of the LA riots, hosted by CSUN journalism professor, Taehyun Kim, took a rather enthusiastic turn towards the end when the infamous journalist, K.W. Lee, took the floor.

“If you blame white media, you are stupid! You blame yourself!” said Lee when addressing the audience filled with aspiring ethnic-varied journalists. Before Lee took the floor, the other panelists expressed their sentiments towards the tragedies that took place 20 years ago, all aiming at three different ethno-perspectives; Korean, African-American and Latino.

An interesting panel, as each perspective was amazingly their own, but when the microphone made its way to Lee, everyone, including the panelists and host, were left in awe. Lee not only spoke the truth of the over-commercialized, mass media that has taken over the US, but spoke words of wisdom to all aspiring and experienced journalists that were present.

“We, people of color are so beautiful… One man can make the difference; that is you!” said Lee. He spoke his beliefs and experiences as an Asian journalist working in American media for almost 60 years. Truthfully, if anyone can harshly criticize the media, it’s him, with his experience lived through many great movements taking place in American history.

Now, it’s up to all of us to make a change. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity we hold dear to our hearts. What matters is speaking the truth and doing the right thing, because it’s about putting your voice on the line for all those who appear to voiceless.

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