People Magazine meets the People of CSUN LJ

Take a look around the room and most students are typing away on their cell phones. However,
they aren’t being rude, they are tweeting the words of guest speaker Elaine Aradillas.

Aradillas spoke to a roomful of eager listeners in the USU Flintridge Room. The CSUN Latino
Journalists’ sponsored event took place on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

Aradillas is a staff writer at People Magazine and Board Member of National Association of
Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ).

Students tweeted to the hash tag #aradillasNAHJ so that anyone not at the event could still befit
from Aradillas’ words of wisdom.

CSUN Latino Journalist member Yesica Lopez tweeted, “It’s good to be friendly with sources
but they are not your friends #aradillanahj @jretis @csun_lj.”

Aradillas spoke about the journalism industry, the value of being a good reporter, and provided
tips on how to become a good reporter.

“You have to be ready for success,” Aradillas said.

She kept a relaxed tone and added comic relief whenever possible. Adding, “my bullshit detector
is off the charts.”

Aradillas shares her professional experience with students because she believes in their passion.
She wants younger Latinos to see that it is possible to go through all the ranks and make it to the

-Alexis Pichardo

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