The up and coming.


Anxious and eager, CSUN Latino Journalist club members sat and awaited the arrival of their latest guest speaker. Journalism grad Elias Jabbe visited to the Northridge campus Wednesday to discuss  his experiences thus far as a student of Journalism and gave out advice to students in regard to their future in Journalism. 

 Student Alex Correy describes having the speaker as valuable because he “is a little ahead of us,” online the working reporters who have been out of college for years. Jabbe is able to make a great connection with students as he is working his way up the ladder of success.

 Jabbe answered questions about how to look for and obtain internships as well as how to use social media to ones advantage within the realm of journalism.

If you want more information on how to break into the industry, follow CSUN Latino Journalists on twitter or Facebook and look out for the next meeting, studio tour or speaker presentation!

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