Meeting Minutes: Feb. 25

Date: Monday, February 25, 2013 | Time: 3-4 p.m. | Location: MZ 201

I.               Call to Order

A.    3:00 p.m.

 II.              Officers Report

A.    President(s)


  1. a. President Martinez informed the club that our banner is missing from the cabinets in the meeting room. Claudia Gonzalez mentioned that the last time she saw the banner was the day of the bake sale when they reorganized the cabinets to fit the left over water. Gonzalez added that she along with other members remember seeing it that day. President Martinez is asking that if anyone knows what happened to it to be please contact her.


        1. b.    This Thursday is the Commerce of Creativity Distinguish Speakers event with Sue Herera (broadcast journalist) at the Kurkland Lecture Hall in the Valley Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. President Martinez was able to reserve 10 seats for club members who would like to attend. Those who are attending the event need to inform the person at the door that they are with CSUN Latino Journalists and that Rubi Martinez reserved seats.
      1. III.            New Business

      1. A.    College Career Day- President Martinez informed the club that the department will be hosting a Journalism Career Day on March 21st at the USU. This event will not conflict with the women in journalism panel happening later in the night.
  1. B.    Women in Journalism Panel- President Martinez has been able to book speakers from Telemundo (new manager), OC Register (reporter), Univision (producer), and CNN (reporter. Once the panelists have officially confirmed and the room is booked we will start making flyers and a Facebook event.
  1. C.    Spanish Department Scholarship – Students who are minoring in Spanish Language Journalism are eligible for a scholarship. The department has $2,000 in scholarships with 25 spots available. Students need to write an essay and submit two letters of recommendation. More information will be posted on the club’s Facebook and blog.
  1. D.    NAHJ & CCNMA Scholarships- The NAHJ fellowship for NBC and New York is due this Friday (March 1). The CCNMA Ruben Salazar Scholarship is due April 1 and is submitted online with an essay.

IV.           El Nuevo Sol Announcement

    1. A.    KPFK/KCSN- Joanna Jacobo informed the club of an internship opportunity with Professor Roja at KPFK. Students would be reporting in Spanish and gathering stories and local news on Wednesday and Thursday. Students will be required to work for the station on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The newscast will be produced on Thursday at 6-7p.m. There are three spots open for the internship and you can contact Joanna Jacobo for more information.

    V.             Adjournment (4:00 p.m.)

Download .doc file: CLJ Minutes 2-25

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