Select tweets from this morning’s Latino panel at Cal State Northridge

Photograph by Janelle Marie/CSUN Latino Journalists Club

[10:56 a.m.] @otrosdreamers: “Thank you for inviting Los Otros Dreamers to be part of this panel. The Dreamers movement should be a transnational effort.

[10:18 a.m.] @glendacaceres4: “It is possible to integrate the Latino community.” (Jorge Resendez).

[10:16 a.m.] @aracelly_solis: Why should we care about this movement? “Because we’re talking about human beings, human rights, not objects.” (Jose Rosas).

[10:05 a.m.] “I was an undocumented student with a degree, but that didn’t make a difference.” (Alma de Jesus of @TheNIYA).

[9:47 a.m.] @VivianMezaPR: “Only 400 students got accepted out of 900 who applied for the Dream Act at CSUN.”

[9:31 a.m.] @aracelly_solis: “I want to give back to my community, I’m not a criminal”: (Jose Resendez).

[9:22 a.m.] @itsPoofy: “Dreamers have been fighting since 2001. There’s over 900 undocumented students but many don’t come forward.”

[9:13 a.m.] @kngjohn1: “Only way to understand immigration is through people”: Eileen Truax.

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