Graduate school tips from CSUN pre-doctoral coordinator Hedy Carpenter

Hedy Carpenter’s tips were presented during the Cal State Northridge Latino Journalists graduate school workshop on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013.

You need to start crafting a statement or letter or purpose.

Know your faculty, this becomes particularly important when seeking a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are a gateway to graduate school. They need to know you so they can write a strong letter of recommendation. Never ask someone to write a letter of recommendation at the last minute. You usually want to give someone a month. If they  do it under pressure, it may not be the best letter. Be prepared for to submit a resume to your letter writer. have something ready to give them

Building up your resume

Juniors: All this year and all of next year. CSUN has 39,000 students. There are many thing you can do to beef up your resume.

For example, CSUN will host an all-day Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium. It has existed for about 15 years. It is a competitive competition and fills up quickly. The symposium comprises a 10-minute oral or poster presentations on a research topic. It will be held on Feb. 14, 2014. Applications will be online.

This is something all of the campus can attend, and you can add the experience to your resume. Furthermore, the more presentations you can give, the more you will benefit. First place is $200; second place is $100. The top-10 presentation will be presented at the state competition.

Advancement to Graduate Education

The event that was held in October. About 400 students attended. It will be held next October. It is a free event.

The event covers how to do well on the Graduate Record Examination, how to finance your graduate education, and how to write your statement of purpose. (Why it is that you want to go on to graduate school? Some people spend up to six months working on this statement. Its length can be roughly 500 words or less, depending on where you are applying. The statement about your research, why it that you want to attend graduate school. It is difficult to write about yourself.

For more information, visit the CSUN Graduate Studies website.

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