UPDATE: The CSUN Latino Journalists paid Internship Program

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This past school year, our club, CSUN Latino Journalists, a NAHJ and CCNMA student chapter, started a paid internship program to create more paid opportunities for student journalists.

We wanted to update those of you who have followed the campaign and who have donated.

Our inaugural interns, Loren Townsley and Dayanis López-Reyes were selected this year and began their work at Asian Journal and Impulso de Oaxaca in June. They are being paid $15 an hour for 20 hours a week over eight and ten weeks. We were unsuccessful in raising the full $3000 goal for the Asian Journal internship, but moved forward by shortening the duration of the planned 10 weeks.

Special thanks again to everyone for their support. Thanks to, Professor Benavides, Julian Do at LA Beez, Christina at Asian Journal, Mireya at Impulso de Oaxaca, Dunia Elvir, Julio Vaqueiro, Julio Moran at CCNMA, Mekahlo at NAHJ and many others who supported us and helped make this program a reality.

More than a month in, here’s what our interns had to say:

“It’s being a great work experience, El Nuevo Sol prepared me very well for this. The internship has given me more confidence with myself and knowledge on how to interview people and write shorter. I have to take my own photographs so that’s another part that I’m enjoying. Nunca pensé que la comunidad Oaxaqueña de Los Angeles fuera tan fuerte, tienen muchas historias por contar, me han tratado muy bien.” -Dayanis


“I’ve been working on a lot of mental health stories, particularly in the LGBTQ community,” said Loren. For a story involving the Filipino transgender community, Loren said she learned how to make relationships with certain people that could point her in the right direction and that working with Asian Journal has allowed her to work on long term projects. “Its allowed me to be really flexible in the different topics that I approach,” she said. She’s currently working on a story about interracial marriages.

Take a look at some of their work below:

Court reporting eyed as emerging career alternative


If you would like to donate to the campaign for next year’s fund, information is below:

You can send a check to the following address:

CCNMA, ASU Cronkite School of Journalism

725 Arizona Ave., Ste. 404

Santa Monica, CA 90401-1723.

Please make your check payable to “CCNMA” and write “CSUN Latino Journalists” in the memo line.

-@acoreynews, former president, CSUN Latino Journalists

CSUNLJ board members elected for fall 2014/spring 2015

Congratulations to our newly-elected CSUNLJ board members for fall 2014/spring 2015. They were chosen at board election this afternoon at CSUN.

They are: Alex Corey, president; Johnathan Diaz, vice president; Victoria Lopez, secretary; Noemi Barajas, treasurer; Keila Vizcarra, multimedia; Michael J. Arvizu, California Chicano News Media Association student representative; Denice Castellon, events/historian.

J-school, now what?

twitter chatJoin the student chapters of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists at Cal States Fullerton, Long Beach, Northridge, and UCLA, for a Twitter event on what journalism students need to know before graduating.

The student chapters will be tweeting LIVE from the Hoy! offices inside the Los Angeles Times from 5 to 6 p.m. Pacific on April 17.

Follow us on Twitter, @CSUNLJ. Use the hash tag, #NAHJstudents.

Our online panelists:

ImageLucio Villa | @luciovilla
immigration fellow, Institute for Justice & Journalism

Lucio Villa grew up in Compton, and during his time in high school entered Web design competitions, was the photo editor for the school yearbook and installed games on his TI-89 Titanium calculator.

Villa started college studying computer science at Cal Poly Pomona and not until he took a photojournalism class that he switched majors.

Later he transferred to Cal State Fullerton where he received a bachelor or arts degree in photo communications in 2011. Before graduating he was a part of a team of student journalists who traveled to Northern Vietnam where they were embedded with a group of doctors from an NGO called Project Vietnam.

Upon graduation Villa took on an internship at La Opinion, one of the nation’s largest Spanish newspaper in Los Angeles, which lead to a freelance position.

Villa recently completed a nine-month photojournalism fellowship at the Chicago Reporter where he produced stills, multimedia videos, slideshows and created their Tumblr site.

Villa currently freelances for EFE, the Chicago Tribune, Weather.com, Chicago Catalyst and many more.

ImageMike Angelo Rivera | @michaelrivera88
Photo editor, ABC.com

Michael Angelo Rivera received a degree in visual journalism from Western Kentucky University.

He is currently a photo editor at ABCNews.com in New York City.

Before NYC he was working at the Beaumont Enterprise (Hearst Newspaper in southeast Texas) and at the Valley Morning Star in Harlingen, Texas right out of college.

He was the 2012-2013 photo editor of the College Heights Herald as well as a staff photographer at the Herald and Talisman throughout his college career.

Rivera has also completed a photo editing internship at ABCNews.com in New York City. He has done contract work for ZUMA PRESS.

Rivera briefly attended school in Texas where he first sought to earn a degree in criminal justice before realizing his true passion for journalism. Growing up with Honduran and Mexican parents, Rivera speaks both English and Spanish fluently. This proved to be advantageous, growing up in Dallas. The first in his family to pursue photojournalism, Rivera has been based in Texas as a photojournalist since May 20, 2013, but has since moved to edit in NYC.

ImageJames Barragan | @James_Barragan
Los Angeles Times

James Barragan is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Barragan was a journalism intern for Huffington Post Latino Voices. He lives in Pomona and studied at UCLA where he was the editor in chief of the school newspaper, the Daily Bruin.

He has three years of experience in journalism working in print, radio and videojournalism. He has an immense interest in digital journalism and is a huge sports fan, especially soccer.

He describes himself as a “wannabe tech geek who loves good crime stories.”

ImageSara Libby | @SaraLibby
Managing editor, Voice of San Diego

Sara Libby is Voice of San Diego’s managing editor.

She oversees Voice of San Diego’s newsroom and its content.

ImageManny Garcia | @manny_garcia1
Editor, Naples Daily News

Manny Garcia is the editor of the Naples Daily News. Previously he was executive editor and general manager of El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-language daily in Miami.

He is a graduate of Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications.



Inez González
Director, Latino Communications Initiative, California State University, Fullerton, College of Communications

The Latino Communications Initiative (LCI) at California State University, Fullerton, supports communication students and professionals to develop cultural competency in the U.S. Latino market through relevant courses, research and a broad spectrum of educational opportunities.

CSUF is the largest campus in the California State University system with 38,000 students. It is a Hispanic serving Institution, with a 35 percent Latino population and 54 percent first generation college student population.

ImageJulio Cortez | @JulioCortez_AP
Staff photographer at the Associated Press

Julio Cortez Gutierrez was born on Dec. 19, 1978, to Julian Cortez Vergara and Maria del Rocio Gutierrez Olvera. He is the eldest of four and he is the first child of his generation on both of his parent’s sides.

A graduate of California State University, Northridge, was one of 22 students across the nation to be chosen to the Associated Press summer internship program. Gutierrez began his journalism life as a writer, but always had the camera on his side, often carrying his camera to reporting jobs. But it wasn’t until the events on Sept. 11, 2001, in New York City when Julio decided that photography would be the way to go. Seeing all the “historical” photos that were published gave Gutierrez the drive to “record history as it happened.”

Julio Cortez was born on Dec. 19, 1978, to Julian Cortez Vergara and Maria del Rocio Gutierrez Olvera. He is the eldest of four and he is the first child of his generation on both of his parent’s sides.

A graduate of California State University, Northridge, was one of 22 students across the nation to be chosen to the Associated Press summer internship program. Cortez began his journalism life as a writer, but always had the camera on his side, often carrying his camera to reporting jobs. But it wasn’t until the events on Sept. 11, 2001, in New York City when Julio decided that photography would be the way to go. Seeing all the “historical” photos that were published gave Cortez the drive to “record history as it happened.”

In 2012 he photographed the London Olympics and the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Cortez earned a journalism degree from CSUN in 2006 and now works for the Associated Press in New Jersey.

ImageOskar Garcia | @oskargarcia
News editor at the Associated Press: Hawaii and Pacific Rim

Oskar Garcia joined the Associated Press in 2006 after graduating from the masters program in journalism at University of California Berkeley.

Garcia three months in Los Angeles, then one-and-a-half years in Omaha, and four years in Las Vegas.

Gigs include oversight of operations and news coverage in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim, including Guam, American Samoa and Saipan.

Kellie Mejdrich | @kelmej
Politics and government reporter at The Los Angeles Register

Kellie Mejdrich is part of the new LA newspaper The Los Angeles Register which rolled out just this week. Prior to being assigned to the Los Angeles Register, she worked at The Orange County Register where she covered the county’s south coastal cities.

Mejdrich is a graduate of the University of Arizona where she double-majored in journalism and English with minors in Chinese and Spanish.

María Inés Zamudio | @mizamudio

 Investigative journalist at The Chicago Reporter

María Inés Zamudio has covered topics including immigration, labor and health for The Chicago  Reporter since 2011. Prior to working at The Chicago Reporter, Zamudio worked at various daily  newspapers in California.

Zamudio is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Jonathan Gonzalez | @JGonzReporterjonathan

My bachelor’s degree was earned at Cal State Northridge, where I was able to film several mini-documentaries for El Nuevo Sol, the school’s bilingual publication. I also reported and anchored for CSUN’s Valley View News TV program, as well as KCSN News radio, where I had the privilege to earn my first regional Edward R. Murrow award and RTNA Golden Mike.

Much of my college time was spent interning for NBCLA.com to polish my Web writing, as well as the sports department at KABC-TV, where I was later hired as a news assistant.

My goal in Bakersfield is to expose injustices and hold our leaders accountable. I believe our ability as journalists to share stories is a powerful tool that should always be used ethically and impartially.

“Cautiva” screening and panel discussion — a Memory for Truth and Justice Event

CSUNLJ banner

The CSUN Department of Journalism, CSUN Latino Journalists Club, El Nuevo Sol, and Proyecto Memoria present a screening and panel discussion of the award-winning film, “Cautiva,” directed by Gastón Birabén.

Cristina’s life is thrown into turmoil when she is suddenly escorted from her strict Catholic school in Buenos Aires and told that she is really Sofía Lombardi, the daughter of activists who disappeared in the ’70s. Questioning everything she once thought true, Cristina embarks on a journey to find her true identity. Meeting others like herself, the young girl soon discovers the real-life horrors of Argentina’s relatively recent past and the nightmare that claimed tens of thousands of lives during the country’s “dirty war.”

About the panelists:

ImageGastón Birabén
Gastón Birabén is an award-winning writer and director.

He was born in Mar del Plata, a province of Buenos Aires.

Birabén has directed award-winning films that have won at the national and international level, including “Vibration,” which represented Argentina in the UNICA Festival in Cologne, Germany, in 1982.

He studied filmmaking and art history and literature at Los Angeles City College and UCLA. He holds a master’s of fine arts degree form the American Film Institute.

He has worked in Hollywood with stars as Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, and Eddie Murphy. He has worked major motion pictures as “The Fugitive,” “My Cousin Vinny, “Patch Adams,”I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Liar, Liar,” and “Nothing to Lose.”

Birabén lives in Los Angeles.

ImageGabriel Lerner

Gabriel Lerner is the editorial director Director of HuffPost Voces (www.huffpostvoces.com).

He is a journalist, blogger, columnist, and editor. Born in Buenos Aires, Lerner has lived in Los Angeles since 1989. He worked for 14 years at La Opinión, the largest Spanish language daily in the U.S., as news editor.

Lerner is the author of four books and is the father of four sons.

ImageDr. José Quiroga

Dr. Jose Quiroga is a cardiologist and co-founder and director of medical services at the Program for Torture Victims (PTV). He serves as a vice president of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT). He also serves on the boards of PSR National and PSR-LA.

In 2008, Quiroga’s work was instrumental in passing landmark state legislation which made California the first state in the nation to officially condemn the use of torture since the beginning of the “War on Terror.”

Quiroga worked as a personal physician to Chilean President Salvador Allende before fleeing Chile after the coup d’état t of 1973.

Quiroga decided to flee due to increasing harassment and threats under the Pinochet regime. After securing his position at UCLA as an associate researcher in public health, Quiroga left Chile with his family in 1977.

Quiroga urges doctors to get involved in the community and politics of one’s country to impact and make change in society.

ImageDr. Nestor Fantini
Dr. Nestor Fantini is an educator and journalist from Los Angeles. Currently, he is an elected member of the Northridge East Neighborhood Council, city of Los Angeles, and founding publisher of La Luciernaga Online.

Fantini is a survivor of the terrorism in 1970s Argentina. Aside from his professional experience as a teacher and journalist, his interest in literature has motivated many to engage in cultural events and organizations. Fantini is the author of  “Mi abuela, Soldados y Arminda: Cuentos de Amor y de Guerra,” Mirando Hacia el Sur” and “El Retorno de Fulgencio Arcoiris.”

Fantini writes for the Huffington Post, AOL Latino and other media. He is founding editor of The Firefly Online.

ImageAna Deutsch

Licensed psychologist Ana C. Deutsch has worked in various mental health clinics serving the Latino population.

Deutsch has worked with refugees from Central America, and political refugees from other countries in Latin America. She has been hailed as an expert in the psychological consequences of human rights violations by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Deutsch is director of the Los Angeles-based Program for Torture Victims.

Founded in 1980 as the first program of its kind, the nonprofit organization provides medical, psychological and case management services to survivors of torture who find their way to California. Program for Torture Victims was founded to help the healing process and to inform the public about torture and its consequences. Through the program, Deutsch has helped thousands of victims rebuild their lives and contribute to society.